Wildlife Sketches - Limited Edition Prints by David Dancey-Wood

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At Wildlife Sketches we retail black and white Fine Art Prints. We are based in Bournemouth, England. And we currently specialise in the pencil art of acclaimed wildlife artist David Dancey-Wood. 

As I strolled along the high street, I felt the cold penetrate my clothing. Suddenly, a small shop, nestled snugly between the Pharmacy and the Optician, attracts my attention. Despite the February sunshine, I shiver as I stare at the object of my desire. Decision made, I enter the shop and a blast of comforting warm air greets me from above the doorway, offering reassurance to my uncertainty.
"Good morning Sir."
Vince De Luca acknowledges my presence with a warm and welcoming smile, "Welcome to my shop."
"Hello," I replied nervously, unsure of what to say now that I am inside someone else's domain. Vince appears to sense my discomfort, "Please, take your time and if you have any questions just let me know. Would you like a hot drink while you browse?" My name is Vince by the way."
"What? Oh yes, eh... thank you Vince." That was different; I've never been greeted with the offer of coffee before as I enter a shop! I feel better already and even more so as the hot fluid courses through my body. "Can you tell me about that?" I ask, pointing to the pencil sketch of the sleeping Polar Bear.

Wildlife Sketches - Polar Peace"Isn't it beautiful?" Vince replied, simultaneously reaching for the sketch.
"Yes... I am particularly intrigued by the character of the bear, the way his paw dangles over the edge like that is just so... well, so real and lifelike - the way you would imagine a Polar Bear to be when sleeping."
"You like Polar Bears? Vince asked.
"Yes, all wildlife really... Did you know the Polar Bear's habitat is melting? Global warming you know." I began to fidget uncomfortably, wondering if Vince would think I was some kind of environmentalist weirdo.
"Really?" Vince replied enquiringly. "I too am an enthusiastic conservationist. In fact, a percentage of everything I sell in my shop is donated to Rainforest Concern, a UK registered charity, which helps protect the global ecosystem by protecting the rainforests of our planet." www.rainforestconcern.org

"Wow! Excellent... and a good cause too," I replied as Vince handed me the sketch to view more closely.
"This is a David Dancy-Wood, an internationally acclaimed artist who also has a passion for wildlife and conservation. He has an uncanny ability to bring his subjects to life... you notice every detail, every nuance... just as you did with the paw for example."
I looked at the eyes of the Polar Bear, and although closed, I could tell the animal knew I was there, watching him sleep. "I'll take it, thank you."
While waiting for Vince to giftwrap my purchase, he explained how he had wandered into a gallery one day and saw David's work.
"Never bought art before," he said, "something just drew me to it and as a photographer I believe I possess a discerning eye. I contacted him and now I sell his work.
I noticed the comments book next to another of David's sketches. I wrote a comment and then turned, shook Vince's hand and bade him farewell.
Thank you," he said, and as I walked back into the cold, he added, "please come again."
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