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What are Limited Edition Prints?

Limited edition prints are premium quality copies of the original artwork, with a scarce surplus and availability.


If you are an admirer of fine art and realism, or a lover of wildlife, then you will surely love

wildlife artist David Dancey-Wood’s beautiful drawings.

Owning a limited edition print is a fabulous way of getting closer to the original work and the animal depicted.

Original art pieces are one of a kind and so come with a higher price tag, standard prints are far more numerous, yet more detached from the original work. Limited edition prints offer a more cost effective middle ground, a beautiful and finite drawing, yet not with the price tag of the original. So if you want to own a drawing that resembles the original in the closest way possible, without spending a fortune, these are the prints to choose.

Below is a list of the top reasons to buy Limited Editions over standard prints.

Time Out, a drawing of a Bengal Tiger by David Dancey-Wood

Collector’s Items

Each limited edition print features a unique number, identifying its position amongst the limited supply, adding to their value as a collector’s edition. Your number, on your print, will reflect its authenticity, you will own the sole copy with that specific number. Unlike standard prints, far fewer will be produced, as such the value of numbered prints will be more likely to increase. For example, once you have purchased wildlife print number 74, you and only you will own the 74th print. The more prints that are sold, the more your numbered limited edition print increases in rarity and becomes more special.

Artist’s Signature

David Dancey-Wood is one of the UK’s finest wildlife pencil artists, his work is immensely realistic and precise. Each limited edition print is individually signed by David, giving you an extra connection to a great artist

Lithographic or Giclee prints?

Lithographic prints are made using the traditional printing press, and the whole edition is printed in one go.

Giclee prints are made using the latest digital printing technology and are usually printed in small batches which makes these prints more expencive

Premium Quality

Each limited edition print is individually inspected by David Dancey-Wood. He personally ensures that the prints are of premium quality, and up to the high standards of his artistic expectations. David’s wildlife portraits brilliantly capture the character of the subject through the composition of the drawings. If you wanted a photo of an animal, then you would miss out on this special human side of the picture, the emotional understanding, and depth that his drawings capture. Limited edition prints evoke this feeling, they hold a close connection to the artist, and so a close bond with each animal drawn.

Old Curly (Zebra) a drawing by David Dancey-Wood

Because you love them

Value aside, the main reason for buying one of these special prints, is simply because you appreciate it. David is undeniably a very talented artist, and his work takes an immense amount of skill and patience. The realism and beauty of the drawings should be appreciated by any fan of fine art, and as a person with an interest in art, it is fitting to want the rarer pieces. His drawings are an embodiment of true and raw artistry, portraying each subject with detailed and accurate anatomy. Using only pencil and paper. David strives for a photo-realistic and commendable technique, spending hours studying anatomy and physically traveling to observe the animals in their natural habitats. He does not cut corners, his work is true and honest and deserving of respect.

There is of course no guarantee that the prints will go up in value, and they should not be seen just as a monetary investment, or a tool of securing value. Rather they should be viewed as something personal, a piece of art that connects you to the wonderful wildlife it depicts. Something beautiful to adorn your home.

They are Beautiful Gifts

For someone very special or unique, you might be searching for a beautiful Mother's Day gift or Father's Day, for a special birthday or simply for Christmas, or some other special time. Whatever the reason, you're sure to impress and bring joy to that special person with one of David Dancey-Wood's exquisite limited edition prints

A gift to fall in love with, that will be treasured for many many years.

Artist's Proofs

If you are keen on collecting rare pieces of art, and you fancy an even rarer collector’s item, you may be interested in an artist's proof. Artist's proofs offer an even rarer option between the original and the prints, a far rarer reproduction. David occasionally releases up to a maximum of 10 artist's proofs for sale to the public. These Artist's Proofs are more personal to the artist and are usually the result of the artist testing the printing process, a piece of reference for the artist himself. It is far rarer for the artist to release a proof than a normal print, and so they are even more collectible than the already finite limited edition prints.

​Collectable Limited Edition Prints and Original Drawings

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