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David Dancey-Wood's
Limited Edition Wildlife Art

Endangered Species Capture in Graphite

By One of the Best Wildlife Artists in the UK

Anticipation, a drawing of a leopard by David Dancey-Wood


Leopard drawing

Limited edition litho print by David Dancey-Wood


Have you ever wanted to get close to a lion, a leopard or a gorilla?

Getting close to these magnificent creatures, who are at risk, and in danger of being lost,

can come with significant ethical constraints.

Exquisite wildlife sketches are a pathway to making that connection happen.

Endangered species are being beautifully drawn and made into limited edition prints

by renowned wildlife artist David Dancey-Wood.

The Veteran,  a drawing of a lion by David Dancey-Wood

'The Veteran'

Lion drawing

Limited edition giclee print by David Dancey-Wood


Witnessing endangered species in the wild is creating more harm than you might think.


Even eco-tourism has disrupted and eroded wildlife eco-systems – creating less vegetation and destroying animal habitats; putting them in danger of being lost forever.

That may give us second thoughts when wanting to see these animals in their natural surroundings.

And although Zoos try their best to take good care of their wildlife,

animals may sometimes become deprived of their natural social structures and companionships.

Gasigwa, a drawing of a young gorilla, by David Dancey-Wood


Young Mountain Gorilla drawing

Limited edition litho print by David Dancey-Wood


There is a better way to experience these threatened animals.

Graphite wildlife artist, David Dancey-Wood, captures the very essence and soul of these beautiful creatures. This exceptionally talented artist has also had roles in several wildlife conservation projects around the world – allowing him to capture through his medium wildlife individuals in their pure states, where they belong - in the wild.

Little Tusker, drawing of a young elephant, by David Dancey-Wood

​​'Little Tusker'

Baby Elephant drawing

Limited edition litho print by David Dancey-Wood


Graphite animal prints allow an avenue for an ethical encounter.

Sadly, these animals have been slowly declining over the past 50 years. The dramatic increase in the human population over the years has slimmed the gap between the wild and the urban – bringing endangered species into urban habitats where they do not belong.

Arctic Dreams (Polar Bear) By David Dancey-Wood

​​​​​'Arctic Dreams'

Polar Bear drawing

Limited edition litho print by David Dancey-Wood


WWF has listed the following animals as among

the most vulnerable or critically endangered:

African and Asian Elephants


Sea turtles

Clouded Leopards

Mountain Gorillas

African Rhinos

Polar Bears

Tuan. a drawing of a male orangutan, by David Dancey-Wood


Orangutan drawing

Limited edition litho print by David Dancey-Wood


These unbelievable animal drawings make up just some of

the incredible wildlife sketches on offer in our Shop.

Captured in pencil by David during his time spent working and on wildlife conservation projects.


“One touch of nature makes the whole world kin”

-William Shakespeare


“To survive today, other animals must endure global warming, pollution, and fewer habitats. More tragically, they must endure the silence of human hearts.”

- Anthony Douglas Williams


Pangolin, a drawing by David Dancey-Wood


Pangolin drawing

Limited edition giclee print by David Dancey-Wood


Eco-tourism, climate change, pollution, and poaching are the key players

working against them, not to mention Deforestation.

Areas of tropical forests are left decimated to make room for agriculture. Animals are

losing their habitats, homes, and food, leaving them with nowhere to go.

Brave New World, a drawing of a turtle hatchling swimming through seaweed, by David Dancey-Wood

​​'Brave New World'

Turtle hatchling drawing

Limited edition giclee print by David Dancey-Wood


Sea turtles have been particularly affected

by poaching, climate change, plastics in the ocean, and coastal developments

leaving them with nowhere to lay their eggs.


Good things are on the horizon though for endangered species,

and wildlife artist David Dancey-Wood may still have many more years to draw his passion.


2021 is being known as the year of change. Dramatic efforts are being made

by governments around the world to tackle climate change and pollution – slowly

restoring the natural habitats and eco-systems that endangered species inhabit.

Mayan Monarch, drawing of a young Jaguar by David Dancey-Wood

'Mayan Monarch'

Jaguar drawing

Limited edition giclee print by David Dancey-Wood


Wildlife Sketches prints get you closer than ever.

These beautiful animal portraits are created using simple German graphite pencils

and fine Italian paper.

The result – a perfect intimate glimpse into the lives of endangered species. 

That comes without the ethical constraints of seeking them in the wild.

The Last Dragon, a drawing of a Chinese alligator, by David Dancey-Wood

'The Last Dragon'

Chinese Alligator drawing

Limited edition giclee print by David Dancey-Wood


What I love about these pieces is how close you can get to these animals.

They are so masterfully created that I can look into the eyes of these magnificent creatures;

through which they portray their own story.


​​​"Wildlife prints allow you to forever keep just a little of an endangered species."


The work that goes into these exquisite limited edition prints is undeniably amazing.


That fleeting glimpse of a Clouded leopard or Polar Bear you may crave

is forever captured in these intricate and stunning graphite sketches.

You don't have to be an art or animal lover to appreciate the work that has gone into creating

these original pieces – using just simple graphite.


There is a surge of emotion and awe when admiring these depictions of endangered species.

It is without doubt that they capture the raw reality of an encounter,

while delicately demonstrating the fragility and beauty of these incredible animals.

Contemplation (chimpanzee) Drawing by David Dancey-Wood


Chimpanzee drawing

Limited edition litho print by David Dancey-Wood


You can treasure these limited edition animal prints forever.


Whether you consider yourself an animal lover or not, I think you can agree

that experiencing the awe of an encounter with a mighty Polar bear

or looking into the eyes of a giant African elephant would be an incredible experience.

Wildlife artist David Dancey-Wood is world renowned for his incredible ability

to capture intimate moments with endangered animals.

Owning one of these limited edition wildlife prints would allow you to

forever hold that encounter in your home and your heart for the rest of your life.


To check all of David's available prints please visit our SHOP

David Dancey-Wood with an elephant

David Dancey-Wood, from one of his expeditions.

​Collectable Limited Edition Prints and Original Drawings

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