• Basking Agama
  • African Common Agamid Lizard
  • Print size: 34.5 x 23.2 centimetres (13.6” x 9.2" inches)
  • Limited Edition of 495
  • Lithographic print
  • Signed and numbered by David Dancey-Wood
  • Released in 1998


I love the detail in the drawing of an Agama Lizard sunning itself on a rock.


"This proved one of the longest pictures I ever took to draw because of my sheer determination to make sure it was one hundred percent correct. Having had a thoroughbred background of being a scientifically accurate herpetological illustrator I was very conscious that when tackling anything like this in my fine art career, it would have to be perfect."


David Dancey-Wood, from his book Pencils patience and primates


Basking Agama, (African Common Agamid Lizard drawing)

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