• Old Curly
  • Common Zebra drawing
  • Print size: 28.8 x 38.7 centimetres (11.3" x 15.3” inches)
  • Limited Edition of 495
  • Lithographic print
  • Signed and numbered by David Dancey-Wood
  • Released in 1998


Zebra drawing by David Dancey-Wood


‘Old Curly’, The name refers to the amount of curly hair this Zebra had in his ears, David reveals in his book. He adds “Old Curly was a very tired looking old Zebra. But Still retained all his elegance.” He is indeed elegant. But I would not have thought he looked old and tired. Perhaps when you look at more Zebras you can tell, but I’m just a beginner. This is a really lovely study of this character, which David has identified.

Old Curly, (Common Zebra drawing)

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