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  • Old Curly
  • Common Zebra drawing
  • Print size: 28.8 x 38.7 centimetres (11.3" x 15.3” inches)
  • Limited Edition of 495
  • Lithographic print
  • Signed and numbered by David Dancey-Wood
  • Released in 1998


Zebra drawing by David Dancey-Wood


‘Old Curly’, The name refers to the amount of curly hair this Zebra had in his ears, David reveals in his book. He adds “Old Curly was a very tired looking old Zebra. But Still retained all his elegance.” He is indeed elegant. But I would not have thought he looked old and tired. Perhaps when you look at more Zebras you can tell, but I’m just a beginner. This is a really lovely study of this character, which David has identified.


Physical Characteristics

Adult male zebras are typically larger than females, standing around 4-5 feet tall at the shoulder and weighing up to 990 pounds. They have muscular bodies, powerful legs, and a sleek, short coat that helps them regulate their body temperature in the hot African sun.

Their black and white stripes are unique to each individual, and no two zebras have the same pattern. These stripes serve several functions, including helping zebras blend into their environment to avoid predators and helping them recognize each other within their herd.

Behavior and Social Structure

Zebras are highly social animals that live in herds, typically consisting of a dominant stallion, several mares, and their young. Stallions are responsible for defending their herd against predators and other stallions who may try to take over their territory.

During mating season, stallions will engage in physical displays, such as charging and kicking, to establish their dominance and attract females. They will also vocalize loudly to communicate with other stallions in the area and establish their territory.

Stallions also play an important role in the social structure of the herd. They will often groom and bond with their mares and their foals, forming close relationships within the herd.


Old Curly, (Common Zebra drawing)

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