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  • Time Out, by David Dancey-Wood
  • Drawing of a Bengal Tiger
  • Print size: 45 x 42.5 centimetres (17.7” x 16.7” inches)
  • Limited Edition of 295
  • Lithographic print
  • Signed and numbered by David Dancey-Wood
  • Released in 2007


Bengal Tigers are solitary animals and are territorial, with males having larger territories than females. They are ambush predators, using their striped coat to blend in with their surroundings before attacking their prey. The Bengal Tiger is an apex predator, and its diet consists of various species of deer, wild boar, and other large mammals. They are also excellent swimmers and can often be found near water sources.


Interesting Facts
    Bengal Tigers have the longest canine teeth of any living felid, measuring up to 4 inches in length.
    Bengal Tigers are excellent swimmers and have been known to swim across large rivers and even the Bay of Bengal.
    Bengal Tigers have a white spot on the back of their ears, which some scientists believe is used to communicate with other tigers.


Time Out, (Tiger drawing)

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