Wide Awake

Spectral Tarsier


Print size: 16.8 x 34.5 cm (6.7” x 13.6” inches)


Price: £30.00 + P&P                        Edition of 495 Litho prints


Signed and numbered by David Dancey-Wood

Released in 1998


Spectral Tarsiers are, surprisingly, primates distantly related to humans. David adds, “These sort of creatures are very enjoyable to his work since he enjoys drawing animals from every part of the world”.

“Spectral Tarsiers are from a very primitive family of nocturnal primates which live in the island forests of South East Asia and, they are voracious carnivores”.


They do look strange with their large eyes, bony fingers and large ears. All these adaptations must be very helpful in the night when you need a nice meaty snack!

Mind you you’d get a few odd looks walking into a Burger shop looking like that at 2am. Even after a Saturday night!



Wide Awake